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In 11 days the polls will close.  

Nelson will know who their representatives will be for the next three years.  Eighteen people have put their names forward to serve the community.   Any combination holds promise.  I will still sleep well no matter what.    

But take a moment to think about after the election.  The best case scenario is an informed and involved electorate working in partnership with an elected body that supports and nurtures this kind of relationship.   

I brought this belief to the Council table for 6 years while serving in the mid to late 90's.   I offer it again.  It would be a honour to serve as your Mayor and to represent you in this way.

(Flyer - watch for it in your mailbox this week)


Parpolity or Participatory Politics is a theoritical political system proposed by Stephen R. Shalom, professor of political science at William Paterson University in New Jersey. It was developed as a political vision to accompany Participatory economics (Parecon). Shalom has stated that Parpolity is meant as a long range vision of where the social justice movement might want to end up, within the field of politics.


Democracy is a form of government in which policy is decided by the preference of the majority in a decision-making process, usually elections or referenda, open to all or most citizens.